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This site aims to gather real and complete data that is not mentioned on TV, it the press or on the radio regarding the economic players from all over East and Central Europe. The classifications of the companies are ordered in terms of sales of over 1 million euros, by business conducted in the country of residence, source of income and profit from operations. In addition, the site shows transactions, market value and the brands that are building businesses as well as the shareholders and leaders or “who makes what and who owns what”. You will also find an X-ray of offshore outsourcing of investment funds and companies owned by businessmen ranging from Eastern Europe to America, Europe and Asia to Africa along with outlines of where they do business. In other words, this site will provide you with information as to what countries are doing well in which areas, how many employees work on a certain project or in a certain field, where the know-how is, who supports their communities as well as who and where they pay their taxes or where the profits go.


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